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Featured Photographer @ Inland Empire Photography Club

February 03, 2017  •  1 Comment
Welcome to my second Blog...
Last night I was humbled to be honored as the Featured Photographer at my local photography club (Inland Empire Photography Club). My photo teacher Richard Cronberg and his lovely wife Karen Cronberg were there, along with many of my great photography friends, including Chai Notarte, Pat Keith, Dennis Mortlock, Angie McLain, Maria Serrano, Anita Ross, Lauri Lynn Miller, Sandy Marasco, Tonya Garcia, Lori Beach, and of course, two of my "bro-tographers" Dixon Roque and John Moya.
It was a surreal experience standing in front of 70 photographers, many of whom are my personal heroes - people who I admire, respect and draw inspiration from. They say that it's most nerve-wrecking presenting in front of one's peers, but I think I just found a tougher group - presenting in front of role models and mentors. I've done my share of presenting to large groups in my sales career, but I still had the butterflies last night, so I stuck mainly to script...
Jimmy Fu photographer bio -
I’ve always been interested in photography, and have been taking snapshots of my 2 boys (ages 8 and 13) since they were born, with all the iterations of the iPhone (1, 3, 4, 5, 6). In a sense, I’ve been an "iphone-ographer” for these very fortunate boys, who, like most of the kids of this generation, have their entire lives documented on digital format. In 2016, I finally listened to my calling, and committed to becoming a true photographer with a DSLR and dedication to learning the craft. I took Dick Cronberg’s photography class series at the Temecula Community Center, soaking in all of his classes (Intermediate, Advanced, and Photoshop) over 2 months, and with his encouragement, joined the IEPC in February. Since then, I have become a sponge to learning as much as I can through the friends I’ve made at the Club, online resources like Creative Live, KelbyOne, Adobe and Youtube, and getting out and shooting as much as I possibly can. My daily goal during the year was to SELL something - Share, Edit, Learn, and Light (photograph/shoot). I certainly stuck to that daily challenge. By year-end I accomplished my personal goal, as my Lightroom catalogue indicated over 10,000 images shot/processed for the year! 
I have certainly made a lot of mistakes in photography last year, and continue to make them today, but nothing replaces field experience, and I think through trial and error I am finally able to get a handle on the TECHNICAL side of our craft. Year Two will be a continuation of that learning, but now I can start to find the ARTISTRY in my work. I’m a Nikon user, and currently have a D5500 crop-sensor body, with a kit lens, a 300mm zoom, a 50mm prime, and my favorite new Sigma 10-20mm wide angle. My love is landscape photography, but I also enjoy shooting nature, travel, events and portraits, and have found a new passion in shooting small businesses and helping them market to the local community. I feel so fortunate to have found in life a profound passion, something that challenges me and excites me every time I get behind the lens to frame my shot, or behind the laptop to enhance and transform on those images. Thank you for sharing my journey and my images.
Link to my presentation:
It was a proud moment for me in my young photography career, and those 15 minutes sharing a little bit of myself through my images will continue to define me in my evolution as a photographer. Visit me at jimmyfu-tography.com


Kay S(non-registered)
Jimmy, you were one great person to work with and a great salesman to boot. I love the turn your life has taken and admire your fortitude in "going for it". I admire your photography, it seems to call to me. Looking forward to following year two.
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