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Launch Day

January 31, 2017  •  2 Comments

Today (Feb. 1, 2017) marks the launch of my photography website!

Please go to jimmyfu-tography.com and check it out! Since it's my first website, I welcome all feedback, so feel free to let me know what you like and what I can improve on. If you like what you see, make it a favorite on your desktop or mobile device, check in from time to time (as I plan to add new content frequently), and share the website with your friends. Thank you in advance!

My hope is that this website will be the portal to my evolving photography portfolio, and an invitation to my journey of capturing all that is beautiful in our world. All of my landscape photography will be featured in the "Fine Art Folio" on the website.

I also welcome the opportunity of creating - for local businesses - a social media-friendly photography that promotes their vision and invites patrons to experience their offering. A picture speaks a thousand words; in a multi-media world, having great visual content online has become an absolute necessity. I look forward to serving my clients with unique and effective photography to drive traffic on social media, and ultimately to their storefronts. See samples of this in my recent photo shoot for Cheflavor, in the "Commercial Folio" of the website.

I plan to deliver fresh new content through frequent blog-posts. My very first blog will be a about a failure and a success story, all rolled into one. On Monday this week, I drove to Canyon Lakes in the morning looking for the spot where all the water run-off from our recent rainstorms create a full waterfall. This was inspired  by one of my photography friends Doug Bailey, who had recently captured and posted on Facebook a beautiful shot from this very spot. Well, after making a couple of U-turns in Lake Elsinore, I found the spot alright, but my timing was a little off - the water has almost dried off, and that full and raging waterfall image in my mind has now become a pathetic little trickle, and that "million-dollar shot" is now a "ten-dollar snapshot" :(

All was not lost. In driving around the Canyon Lakes area, I found a community with high elevation, and was finally able to capture the white snow caps of the distant Big Bear Mountains, made possible by the same recent rainfall in Southern California. See photos of both experiences on my Facebook post today.

Well, there you have it: my first blog, in my first website. Hope you like what you see, and stay with me for the images. May your day be painted with beauty and wonder.


This is the failed attempt at the waterfall (you'll just have to imagine water gushing over the rim of the lake):

Canyon Lakes, Lake Elsinore, CACanyon Lakes, Lake Elsinore, CA

And this is the elevated shot of the snow cap (extraordinarily full this year from the rainstorms):
Canyon Lakes, Lake Elsinore, CACanyon Lakes, Lake Elsinore, CA









Pamela Rosario(non-registered)
Your photographs are breathtaking! You've captured so much of what we love about Temecula. We treasure the fantastic pictures you took from Nicholas' Harry Potter birthday party to the 80's family pics you shot of us. So stoked for you!
Kay Sappington(non-registered)
I see no failure, I see a beautifully framed picture of a full lake with it's surrounding landscape followed by a great shot of snow covered mountains. Congratulations to you on the start of your website/blog. I am so glad we connected on Facebook or I might have missed your wonderful "eye". Keep up the good work, it is looking great.
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